Varick's Month of Kuthona 4711

Day 1,
Not even the cold of Kuthona can pull my mind away from the girl. I should have tried harder. There had to be something I could have done to save her soul. I will now go out and help save more souls for the loss of Paxne. The road will be cold, but it is here in the quiet of the wild I have learned to focus my prayers to Iomodae, thanks to my good friend Roarsch and his brave people.

I can never falter in my ways for now I have the boy Jorrick watching my every move. He has much to learn and I have much to teach him. I see a lot of myself in him. The willing and need to protect and serve. The need to do good, to make the world not only a better place, but a stronger one to fight and keep the evil at bay.

Some interesting events fell on the road today. I put my honor at stake letting the silver tongued friend of mine Gavrosh speak on my behalf. I am unsure where his mind is at these days to have forgotten about the hostages. Perhaps, he is not doing as well as I perceive him to be. The events in the temple of despair might have dug their evil hooks in deeper than I thought. The events at the tower were also hard on him as well. I will need to speak to him while on the road, but after we find a way to help the fort. I will and cannot stand by knowing that the lives of innocents are at stake. Vigilance and I must ride. For the glory of Iomodae and the good faiths!

Day 2,
A message from the gods? I have survived the wicked winds and thrashing of a tornado. Thrown about and beaten by debris. After being hurled out of the tornado I was inches from death. My lost companion Vigilance led me to safety by the good graces of my Goddess. I now find myself within the walls of shelter, but I am sure something resides in the dark here.

In a time for rest, none is to be had. For the glory of Iomodae I must survive.

Day 3,
Three orcs and a half orc. I find myself in quite the position. Bound and at the mercy of evil doers. I fear for the safety of my companions. As their leader I have failed them. My giant friend lost to the wilds. Gavrosh, the women, and Jorrick stuck in the cellar of a butches shop to freeze to death or worse.

Jorrick arrived in the middle of the night. As long as the half orc keeps his word to not harm Jorrick I will let him live when I gain the upperhand. It is only time before these foolish orcs underestimate the power of good.

I am free and reunited with my barbarian friend who I thought I lost. I am grateful that Iomodae watched over him. May Sarenrae’s sun grow brightly and bring an end to this foul weather. Melt the snows and allow us safe travel back home.

Day 4,


Varick's Month of Kuthona 4711

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