Gavrosh Rudenheim

Ex-bandit on the road to redemption, teller of tales, Leader of a Fledging Nation


This ex-bandit was working to get his life back on track by joining the charter to the Stolen Lands with Lord Alabaster Orlovsky. He has been striving to mediate between the brutality of his more hot-tempered friends, and the Great Redeemer Alabaster. He saved up 200 GP to purchase a “Writ of Legitsy” allowing him to act in Alabasters sted, in all matters of courtly affairs and transactions. This action(along with his knowledge of nobility, ettiqete, etc) has allowed him to be viewed in a slightly better light by the stern gaze of Nobility. However his friend and compatriot, Lord Alabaster Orlovsky recently just fell to the Stag Lords bow, so a grim reality has just settled in. The responsibility of becoming a land baron, and establishing a free nation for all those who desire a new life of hope and prosperity, all that was Alabasters dream, has fallen into the lap of an ex-bandit, storyteller.

Level 4 Human Bard

STR 10
DEX 16
CON 10
INT 16
WIS 10
CHR 17

HP: 21

AC: 19

Feats: Lingering Performance
Combat Casting
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot


“It’s becoming so hard to be an honest criminal” Gavrosh painfully mused to himself, as he lay on his back in a field, freshly trodden from the recent skirmish. Groggily he sat up, a large goose egg forming on the front of his forehead. “Damn, I didn’t make it but three minutes in that fight before I got walloped and knocked out.” he said to himself, as he collected his thoughts on what had occurred. He remembered traveling down the road with his fellow miscreants, when they were attacked by bandits from the woods. Real pros they were, all except they overlooked the small fact that Gavrosh‘s group was not a group of travelers, nor merchants setting out to hawk some wares. They had attacked another group of brigands. His thoughts and memories continued to form as he looked over towards some movement. His eyes were still glossy, but he could make out familiar forms in the twilight. He began to stand as someone approached him.
“Seems you’ll still be around to tell this story as well Gavrosh, only make sure you leave in the part about you being knocked out again, and not how you saved us all" Cathornan joked. Gavrosh wiped the last of the haze from his eyes to squint at his friend, if that is what you would call a fellow brigand(and leader as well). Trying to put the pieces together, Gavrosh asked “Who attacked us and why? Whatever happened to honor among thieves?”
Cathornan dwelt on the question for a short time and replied "It would appear that those of the brigands who are throwing in with that so called “Stag Lord” believe to be above reproach. They would never act as such normally, however it would appear that things are changing. But this is a conversation for another time, as we need to keep our “profession” in the dark from our new friend." Cathornan turned his head off a little way in the distance.
Gavrosh looked to see his fellows milling about, some standing, others sitting and recouping from the engagement. One unfamiliar man knelt next to his friend Lokar. He was a beast of a man, and from what little he could see in the dim twilight, a man of the frontier. “Who is he?” Gavrosh asked.
“While you were busy sleeping, we were getting are arses handed to us by them Stags. It might not have gone so well if that one hadn’t shown up when he did. He must have seen it happen and thought us travelers getting robbed, so he charged in to help. Needless to say, that one swung a big ol’ hammer, and they wanted none of that, so they fled.
“Pioneers saving brigands from brigands. Things are changing.” Gavrosh thought out loud as he pondered the hilarious absurdity of it all."
“Anyways, this is what your with us for, so you need to do your thing and talk to ’em. Tell him whatever you want other than the truth. We need to get back to camp and figure out our next move, now that were sure to be wanted men by The Stag Lord fools. See what you can find out from him, and blossom this friendship. We may have need of one of his talents in the future.” Gavrosh nodded, and started for the man, cultivating the farce as he walked.
As he approached, he locked eyes with his friend Lokar. Lokar was as close to a true friend as one could have out here. Like minded and loyal these two were and had been for sometime. While most of the people in Cathornan’s band, The Gilded Scarf, were simply a necessity to have around, they were not what you would call “genuine” people. “Glad to see you made it” He said to Lokar. “Likewise” Lokar replied.
“And I suppose your to thank for our good fortunes” He said, turning the attention and conversation towards the large man. “I don’t know how things would have went if it were not for your skill in timing and battle. Allow me to thank you on behalf of all of us.” “What were you doing out here by yourself at this ungodly hour?”
“I was following some tracks in the area. Brigands have been a worsening problem as of lately, and I find it is better if I know where they are, so I may discern where, when and if they’ll strike. I was fortunate that they led me right to them here. I would not have attacked them, but you all put up a worthy fight, and I was bound to help even the score. I am curious however as to what you were doing traveling here at this hour, you obviously know it’s dangerous.”
“Well, that’s a bit of a story…” He began as he started to stroll away from the others, pulling the conversation along with him. The man followed the lead and walk along with him. “We were coming from a meeting, discussing a potential and very lucrative business proposal. However the negotiations drew long as everyone haggled out the details. At the conclusion, dusk was upon us and we were in unfriendly territory, and you don’t want to stay in places you don’t have to. So we set out on a hurried pace, unfortunately our camp was farther than we thought, and you know the rest.” Gavrosh smiled inwardly at the beautifully lied bluff.
All the while as they talked, the others gathered there things and began to set off into the dawn. Lokar looked back at his friend, talking to the big man, and hoped he’d be alright.
“My companions need to get going, but perhaps I may talk with you awhile more? Would you perhaps lead me to the fork in the road, I can find my way from there after we talk.” The two walked leisurely through the woods, and Gavrosh talked. “You said that you followed tracks of brigands, in preparations of possible brigand attacks. Is that to say your some kind of brigand hunter?” “No. Just a concerned man, willing to due what needs to be done. Thats all.”
“Well there may be work for you in the near future. What with this whole " Stag Lord " business and all, its bound to get a lot more dangerous for everyone unless somethings done. But this is a conversation for another time."
The two reached the point where Gavrosh would soon find the fork in the road, and would go there own ways. “There is one last thing. Here.” He handed the large man 10 silver coins. “Don’t bother trying to refuse. You did a good deed and good deeds need repayment. I aim to make sure your rewarded for what you did for us, take it and may it be the beggining to your fortunes.”. “What did you say your name was?” Gavrosh asked the man. " Roarsh " He replied. He shook hands with the man and the two parted ways. He thought of his 10 hard earned (and ill gotten)coins, and hoped it was a good investment.
As he continued walking, he started to take the road back to his camp, but his mind began to wander to a place it had not gone for some time. Back to his childhood, the childhood that was down the other fork in the road. He stopped and stared off into the distance of the cities. He could not make them out, but they were crystal clear in his minds eye. He had wandered so far from the life he thought he should be living, he pondered his life as his feet began to take him back to his childhood home. When he arrived back in town, he found himself wandering the city, just as he had when he was a young child. And as Pharasma would have it, he bumped into his old childhood friend. They discussed their lives, and the paths they had been on. Soon he was reacquainted with his other childhood friend, Alabaster Orlovsky. Alabaster posed a question to Gavrosh. A question about a newly formed charter. And even more, a question about his soul, and how he could redeem it…

Gavrosh Rudenheim

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