• Abel


    Bandit who decided a second chance was better than death...grudgingly.
  • Akiros Ismort

    Akiros Ismort

    Stag Lords 2nd in Command
  • Alabaster Orlovsky

    Alabaster Orlovsky

    He stands proud with a face that looks as if it is always thinking. As a priest of the Great Redeamer he is always looking to better the people in the world. A true healer of not only wounds but of the misfortunes of the world and spiritual realm.
  • Allexite


    One of Dexter's right hand men.
  • Auchs


    A mean and dim witted Oaf.
  • Bokken


    Eccentric solitary potion maker
  • Clash Mustang

    Clash Mustang

    Mysterious Mercenary, Brutally Loyal Guardsmen
  • Darva


    Commoner Sorcerer
  • Dexter/Corbin


    The man who now runs the underworld of Brevoy...thanks to us.
  • Dovan From Nisroch

    Dovan From Nisroch

    Devious Lieutenant of the Stag Lord
  • Gavrosh Rudenheim

    Gavrosh Rudenheim

    Ex-bandit on the road to redemption, teller of tales, Leader of a Fledging Nation
  • Gillus


    One of Dexter's right hand men.
  • Gorgaroth


    Half Orc Cleric of Gorum with a Shady side to him
  • Happs Bydon

    Happs Bydon

    Sub leader of the Stag Lords bandits
  • Jargo


    Redeemed Bandit, follower of Saranrae
  • Jessira Meridoth

    Jessira Meridoth

    Beautiful daughter of a lesser Noble House
  • Jhod Kavken

    Jhod Kavken

    Priest of Erastil
  • Kesten Garess

    Kesten Garess

    Head guardsmen defending Olegs
  • King Noleski Surtova

    King Noleski Surtova

    The current Regent of Rostland, vying for the Throne.
  • Kressle


    Sub leader of the Stag Lords bandits
  • Larret


    Redeemed Bandit, follower of Saranrae
  • Luther


    Father Luther Priest of Sarenrae
  • Majoran


    Mysterious Elf, eager to fit in in a strange land
  • Maul-Kar


    A half-orc with a distain for both human and orc races. He has only revenge and trickery in his hear, but maybe that will change during his adventures and he may learn the value of freindship.
  • Mikmek


    Kobold warrior rescued from the mite den
  • Morzug


    Barbarian of immense power, working for Dexter
  • Oleg Leveton

    Oleg Leveton

    Proprietor of Olegs Trading Goods, Husband to Svetlanna
  • Roarsh of the Vol' Dun

    Roarsh of the Vol' Dun

    Barbarian on his Sojourn, Soon to Proceed with the Rites of the Vol' Dun Warrior
  • Sciferous


    Elven noble who is on a personal journey
  • Sootscale Chief

    Sootscale Chief

    Sootscale Chief
  • Stalin


    Bounty hunter
  • Stephan


    Young kid who got mixed up with bandits. Making a good shot of his second chance.
  • Svetlanna Leveton

    Svetlanna Leveton

    Wife to Oleg
  • Tartuk


    Kobold Shaman
  • The Stag Lord

    The Stag Lord

    Leader of all Bandits in the Stolen Lands
  • Varick Mueller

    Varick Mueller

    Tall and stout man. Blonde crew cut hair, cleanly shaven, with blue eyes that glow like the fire from the heavens. Slightly tanned skin from his exercises and duties he performs outside for the public. Broad shoulders that slim down to a shortened waist