The Everlight Charter

Counter Attacking the Bandit Camp

The best laid plans of mice and men...

It was quickly decided that if they left right then, they would be able to return to the bandits main camp and catch them unaware. The three prisoners swore to return with them and led them back to the camp. In return for their service they would be pardoned and only issued minor labor for their punishment. They led the group through the wilderness. While, out hunting one night, it appeared that the bandit named Happs would break his oath and flee into the forest to reach the camp and warn them of the groups approach. They knew they had lost the element of surprise, but the task needed to be done regardless. The next day they arrived at the camp to find the bandits ready and waiting. The ensuing battle was the stuff of legends and bards tales. Justice was narrowly brought to the camp that day, and their leader, Kressle, was slain. The group returned to Oleg’s with 5 prisoners. The main bandit force had been routed, the immediate threat was eliminated, prisoners were set to working off their debt, celebrations were had, and the planning of their exploration could finally commence.



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