The Everlight Charter

Arrival at Olegs

And so it began...

The party traveled south towards their soon-to-be makeshift homebase, a small trading post on the frontier called “Olegs”. Getting acquainted with one another, the five adventurers settled in at Olegs and sat down to plan their approach to this monsterous task at hand. However, it appeared that there would be no time to plan, for trouble was already en route. Speaking with Oleg and his wife Svetlanna, they described a group of evil bandits who would arrive unopposed and take Olegs goods, issue threats, and then leave. They would be returning in the morning…
The group set about preparing an ambush for the unsuspecting bandits, and just as the first beams of Saranrae’s light pierced the morning haze, the bandits arrived. They allowed the bandits to enter the fort and begin to take the supplies, before striking from cover. All the bandits were killed or captured.
Now the question was, “What to do with the prisoners?”



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