Welcome Travelers!

The Everlight Charter is a Pathfinder RPG game based off of the Paizo Kingmaker Adventure Path. A group of chartered adventurers have been tasked with removing the bandit threat from the Stolen Lands. Promise of a chance to start a fledgling kingdom upon mission completion could possibly turn the party of adventurers into a party of land owners!

We are a decently aged Pathfinder group who has been gaming together for about 2 years. Most of our players have over 10 years of table top gaming experience.

We are a Southern California group based in the Anaheim area. We have currently decided to expand our table and have reached outward for new players. If this interests you at all please contact either Jasontipton or Stardog.

We hope you enjoy our adventure as much as we have!

Please take note that the site is only a couple days old and is undergoing extreme maintenance. Thank you for your patience.

Also, a huge thank you to Arsheesh! He has contributed in a countless number of ways. Thanks man.

R.I.P. Dennis. You made us believe in fantasy, and showed us that there is no limit to a DM’s greatness. This one’s for you.

The Everlight Charter

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