Gavrosh's Month of Kuthona 4711

Damn it was cold when we set out on the road back to Brevoy. The blasted snow mixed with the wind to create a near blinding effect, and the roads were getting more difficult to traverse each day we continued. Thank Cayden I learned Prestidigitation, for my gloves were nice and toasty, the only part of me that was. Jorrick seems eager to learn from Varrick, but his thirst for knowledge may yield painful if not fatal results if he is not cautious, for lessons on the road are best learned quickly and once. I should like to tutor the boy on some of the lessons that life was rather harsh in showing me at a young age, perhaps I can save him the pain and still impart the knowledge. I don’t wish to step on Varricks shoes though, for I know that the trials of a Paladin are quite strenuous and rigid, but I believe that the boy can learn from all of us, even the ill-mannered Rorsh. Today the boy may have spoke out of turn, but I failed in a greater way. For one reason or another I completely went absent minded when talking with Evencar, and only secured our safe passage while forgetting the prisoners they supposedly had. Whether it was hunger, the cold or just a bad day, I put Varrick in a precarious position and didn’t perform my role as diplomat. Now with the knowledge that the fort nearby will soon come under attack, we are forced to intercede on the good people’s behalf, even if it means delaying the news to Johan Klinesmen that we have his tools. I need to prepare a speech for the people of the fort, for if we are all to make it through this task, they will need to rally together against our common foe.

I have not had the chance to write for some time as ordeals in my life have needed my attention. The blizzard got so bad that I was sure we would freeze to death if left out in the wild much longer. We took shelter in the butchers shop in Vu, and I attempted to board up the building and make it more weatherproof, but it would appear there is not yet a way to weatherproof against a tornado. Wolfgang was sucked up into the spout, and I was barely able to hang onto a pipe from being taken myself. After it had passed, I attempted to create a makeshift shelter around the opening to the cellar where the four were taking cover from the harsh wind and snow. It was no use as I am not trained in these things, and I soon began to lose feelings in several of my digits. Cayden bless Jorick for stepping up and enduring the elements to safeguard the women and I from them, he surely saved our life. I was forced to burn one of the womem for warmth who died to the cold, I never even knew her name. When things seemed like we could survive no longer, Jorrick left to retrieve help. But the help that came was in the form of more orc raiders. We could do nothing and were quickly captured. During our several days of being led through the storm, I lost several of my digits to frostbite, and the women were forced to endure unspeakable attrocities at the hands of the orcs. They even drank my bottle of wine I procured for Wendalyn, damn when it rains it pours, then a tornado comes…
I had been wondering what I had done to deserve a life of captivity, in what way I had pissed off Cayden Cailean. But my brothers in arms had survived, and forged through the snow to retrieve us. If only I could have slipped my bonds, I would have had them all befuddled and Varrick could have delivered true justice to them, but due to our predicament, he was forced to spare them in exchange for our lives. We have returned to Vu and after killing a Chimera who was feasting on the corpse of poor Vigileance, we have found all of our belongings. We now ride for home. To inspect the progress of our investments, and see that further work begins in earnest.