Alabaster Orlovsky

He stands proud with a face that looks as if it is always thinking. As a priest of the Great Redeamer he is always looking to better the people in the world. A true healer of not only wounds but of the misfortunes of the world and spiritual realm.


Alabaster Orlovsky recently fell to the Stag Lord at the epic battle which took place at the Stag Lord’s Fort.


Alabaster Orlovsky’s mother died giving birth to him. His father resented him for this and turned to drinking. Alabaster grew up being abused and beaten by his father. Over the course of years he put up with the beatings.

Finally, one day Alabaster returned home and found his father home freshly from the local tavern. His father came at Alabaster relentlessly. Alabaster was forced to defend himself or die. In the scuffle he ended up ending his father’s life.

The court’s found him not guilty due to his severe beating. His uncle Vincent took him under his wing. Vincent was a priest of Sarenrae and told Alabaster to seek redemption through the goddess. After serving the church for numerous years Alabaster’s quest called him to bring redemption to the bandits in the Stolen Lands. Set off for Brevoy to meet with the Swordlords and sign to a charter that would change his life forever…

Alabaster Orlovsky

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