The Everlight Charter

The Stolen Lands

There mite be problems

The companions continued north to return to Oleg’s so they could plan their assault on the Stag Lords when they came across a giant dead tree out in the open. They approached and searched the tree finding a small doorway leading into the tree which they opened. The hole was small but just large enough so that they could descend the tunnel one by one using the rope that went down the hole. They descended the rope and after about thirty feet Clash reached a plateau, coming just around the corner were a group of mites, terrified at the site of Clash. He pointed at their weapons and motioned for them to drop them, to which they erupted in a battle frenzy and attacked. Roarsh reached the landing and immediately splattered one of the mites, yelling at Clash to attack. The mites were no match as even more of the group arrived and attacked, so they turned and ran. The group followed suit and came into a large chamber where several mite were torturing a Kobold. They waded into the mites and began laying them low. They were no match for the companions and fell without much of a fight, until a giant centipede crawled up from the open cavern and attacked. Its long tail proved a problem for the group, but they managed to kill it. They healed the Kobold on the table and released it, who introduced itself as Mikmek. He explained that there was an ongoing war between the mites and the Kobolds, for the mites had stolen a sacred relic of theirs and he was tasked with getting it back. They led the kobold out and ran into a reserved group of mites with their leader riding on a giant tick. The battle was short and the mites were slain, after which they searched the complex finding the sacred relic Mikmek was looking for. The charter requested that the violence of the Kobolds was put to an end, but this relic was obviously evil, and they didn’t want to return a foul relic back to the hands of an evil race. They told Mikmek that if the Kobolds promised to resign themselves to where they lived and vowed to never harm travelers in the stolen lands, they would turn the idol over to their leader. Mikmek led the group to the area where the Kobolds dwelled; there they met with their shaman Tartuk. He vowed that the violence would end, and that he would put an end to the non-believers who doubted his power. The group returned the idol and headed back to Oleg’s. A few days later they came across a rocky area with glints of gold strewn within them. They checked the rocks and found that this area would be a very profitable gold mine if worked efficiently. A few days more and they reached Oleg’s, where they rested from their long travels.



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