The Everlight Charter

The Stolen Lands

Dead promises

They loaded up two mules full of trail rations and supplies and headed out south to continue their exploration. They spent weeks exploring the stolen lands and charting down everything they found. The journey was almost boring except for the Shambling mound that came into camp one night and devoured a mule and almost killed Clash. Almost a month later on the trip, they crested the top of a large rolling hill to see what appeared to be a fort next to a large body of water. Smoke rose from the fort, and they all knew what it was; it was the Stag Lords forts. They now knew where to strike, so they headed back north, careful to continue mapping along the way. They came across what looked to be a burnt down crossing on the river, and forded into the river. As they pulled themselves onto the shore, they looked back to see a water logged ghost approaching Alabaster. Roarsh asked what it wanted, and it replied “The body of the Stag Lord ”. Roarsh agreed and it turned and sank into the water.



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