The Everlight Charter

Sulfer, Frogs, and the Fey

Upon returning to Oleg‘s, The group was met by an elf named Sciferous . He told the group he was taking a sojourn from his people, and the royal court of the elves. After some time conversing amongst the group he was invited to travel to the stolen lands with them. A young wizard also showed up, speaking of his master who was last seen in Pitax. He was also invited to come along with the group. While some of the group stayed back to rest weary bones and train, the others headed out into the stolen lands to continue exploring. The group encountered mischievous Fey who braided the group’s horse’s hairs, and cut holes in their water sacks. They found large hot water sulfur pools, and giant toads. After a few days, they returned to regroup and explain what they had found.



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