The Everlight Charter

New Stetven: Part 9

The Pestilent Claw: Part 3

Dexter called the group to quiet down, looking across the chasm and broken bridge to what appeared to be a light source coming from around the corner. They were trapped on the stairway leading up to the large double doors that housed the den of thieves. Clash and Morzug ran to shove the doors open, but they were stuck, probably lodged shut on the inside from fallen debris. Several thieves rounded the dark corner with lanterns in hand; seeing the group trapped they pulled their bows and began to fire. Gavrosh pulled his bow out and let lose an arrow that landed in the eye of one rogue, dropping him instantly. Half the group began shoving the doors, while the others laid arrow fire on the rogues across the chasm. After a few moments the doors gave way, and they hurried into the room seeking refuge from the hail of arrows. The inside of the den’s floor was strewn with debris and downed thieves. Standing about the room were several thieves checking on fallen comrades, or more likely looting the coins from their belt pouches. The group rushed towards the thieves trying to take advantage of the surprise, but the debris made movement difficult. Towards the back of this large room was a huge throne, and on it sat a large were rat. Upon seeing the group, he hefted a large flail and began to move towards them, issuing commands to the rest of the thieves. The battle was joined by a cleric of Lamashtu, and her apprentice sorceress. The battle was long and dangerous, and the group was almost out of magic from the nights constant battling. When it was all said and done, everyone of the group survived and the Cleric and apprentice escaped through one of the doors in the back.



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