The Everlight Charter

New Stetven: Part 8

The Pestilent Claw: Part 2

The group fell for what seemed like an eternity, but what in reality was only a few seconds. Then came the splashes as one by one they were engulfed in icy water, swirling along with the current. Still unable to see in this frigid nightmare, one by one they fought to emerge to the surface and suck down a desperate breath of air. The current was strong and continued to pull them along as splashes all around them continued their report that the roof above was not yet done yielding stone. After a few minutes, Gavrosh found rocky footing and trudged up onto whatever land this was. He collapsed onto the wet stones exhausted, grabbed a small stone and began to speak words to it through gasping breaths. The stone began to glow and brilliant white light pierced the veil of darkness, as he heard voices shouting from the water. Just as this happened another light sprang up some forty feet away, revealing Alabaster holding a stone close to his heart in his left hand, while whispering a prayer to his Goddess and holding her holy symbol in his right. The name Corbin was yelled by Morzug, as he flailed around in the water. This immediately rang a bell in Gavrosh’s mind, for he had heard the name before. Corbin was an assassin in the lands of Falcons Hollow and had some troubles there, escaping into the night barely avoiding the local law authorities, as well as the Hell Knights. Dexter was none other than Corbin Two Coppers, infamous criminal, and highly wanted man. One by one the rest of the men were pulled from the water, much more easily done now with the light sources. A few more lights were created, and the group huddled in a vast cavern. They stood near a forgotten and ancient temple, built by what looked like Githyanki. Gavrosh looked at Dexter, and said “Corbin Two Coppers huh?” Dexter flashed a murderous glare at Gavrosh and even fingered his sword. “I have killed men for knowing less” and looked at his men, as he pondered his next move. Gavrosh realized the extremely deadly situation that they were in and began to diffuse it as best he could. After several minutes of conversation and the group all pledging an oath to never speak the name of Corbin again, they continued on. They searched around and found an old, worn down stairway built into the side of the cavern leading up, and began their accent. As they made their way up, they reached the top which turned into a landing by a large, and ancient stone door. It was highly magical and extremely warded, so they decided that some things were best left alone. They looked up, and some forty feet above was what was left of the bridge they had been thrown from. They unpacked a rope and grappling hook, took aim and threw. It locked firmly on some stones and they were ready to climb. One by one they climbed up the rope, the more capable climbers going first to assist the less able men. The process was extremely dangerous, for once a person got on the slippery rope there was no going back, and failure meant death. Gavrosh almost fell off the rope twice, but barely managed to recover and make it up to the top. As Alabaster(who was the last man to climb) reached the top, they rechecked their gear and began to figure out how they would proceed through the large doors into the den of the Pestilent Claw.



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