The Everlight Charter

New Stetven: Part 7

The Pestilent Claw: Part 1

As Dexter appeared from the shadows, he detailed the problem they faced just around the corner, down the hall. In hushed tones, Dexter explained how they had come to the hideout of the main thieves guild in New Stetven, the Pestilent Claw. Thinking back on the nights events, and the constant battling while their guides led them through their “Safe” way out of the city, it all became clear. Dexter intended to use the group to help eliminate his competition, and it was too late to turn back. The sewers began to quake again, a short but violent jerk. It seemed the sewers were fast becoming unstable. Gavrosh being quite stealthy, he crept up to the corner and peered around it. Some sixty feet down the hall stood a guard, next to large double doors while another man lay passed out on a table. Gavrosh quietly told the group to follow his lead and stepped out from the shadows into the hall way speaking softly the words of a spell. Shocked, the guard grabbed for his sword and was about to sound the alarm, but it was too late; the spell had taken hold. The man suddenly believed with all his heart that Gavrosh was not an intruder, but a long time and dear friend. The spell was not powerful enough to impart memories of how they had met, just that he really liked and trusted this man approaching from the shadows. Gavrosh nonchalantly strolled foreword, smiling while he said “Hey buddy, how are you?” With a puzzled look on his face, the guard replied “Uhh…I’m good man. How are you?” Gavrosh knew the spell had work, but needed to tread carefully, for the other man passed out next to him was not under the spell, and God only knew what (or how man what and who) were behind the doors. He quickly fed the man a believable lie of how they had met months back at a bar, shared some beers and spoke of finding work. The man believed it and was put at ease as to why he couldn’t remember how he knew Gavrosh. Gavrosh explained how he had gotten lost down in the sewers, and took a seat at the table while sharing his flask with the man. He choose carefully as to sit in a chair that would force the guard to at least partially place his back to his friends, waiting just around the hall. He then began to share an enthralling tale of adventure to the man, while ever so gently weaving a magical fascination that made the guard listen intently, and ignore his surroundings. As he told this tale, he placed a carefully hidden message in it, one that Dexter would understand, but would pass right past the guards wits, and waited. A few moments later, Dexter emerged from the shadows as quiet and slowly as a ghost, right behind the guard. He pulled out a sap, positioned himself perfectly, and swung with all the force he had right into the back of the man’s head. The man crumpled towards the table, but Dexter caught him and gently lay him on the ground, without ever making a sound. Gavrosh stood, unsheathed his short sword and firmly thrust it into the neck of the sleeping man, he died instantly. He then threw the body down the large open chasm that separated the guard area from the hallway, and Dexter and he hurriedly carried the man back across the bridge around the corner to where the group waited. They tied the man up, checked their gear, and headed towards the doors. Just as they were about to enter and catch the den of thieves unaware, they began to open. There was nowhere to go, they were about to do battle with the dozen or so men they could see through the cracked doors, over a ledge to an abyss. Just then the cavern shook again, more violently than anything they had felt before. The roof above began to crumble around them and they were all knocked from the bridge, sent spiraling down below, into the unknown.



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