The Everlight Charter

New Stetven: Part 6

Through The Sewers

Dexter and his men; Morzug the half-orc, Alexite and Gillus lead the group through the stench filled sewers. Several hours of navigating the labyrinthine tunnels, they came upon a fork in the tunnels. Out of the shit filled water raised a large monstrous snake. They felled it after a short battle, and scanned the water for any possible magical treasure in the belly of the snake. They saw the glimmer of magic rolling along the bottom, and Gavrosh disgustingly waded into the filth. He nimbly brought the glowing object up to the surface with his foot, and pulled out a large egg. It was found to be a snake egg, under a magic spell that would mutate it into another abomination just like the other snake. Yet another example of the evil of Lamashtu’s followers workings. They said a quick prayer to Erastil to take back this spirit of nature, and Roarsh aborted the egg with his Lucerne hammer. They continued on and shortly after came upon a corpse laying next to a bag of scattered coins. They approached cautiously, and just as they had suspected, a trap was sprung. Men popped out from hiding spots and converged on their position. But even their well orchestrated attempt wasn’t enough for the group, and they were soon slaughtered. One female spell-caster fled from the scene, her unholy symbol dangling as she ran off. The group continued on, there resources heavily taxed from the night of constant skirmishing. An hour or so later, Dexter came back from his scouting and informed the group they had reached an impasse.



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