The Everlight Charter

Back to the Stolen Lands

and all its dangers...

Sciferous told the group that he would be parting ways with them, for he needed to return home, and tell them of the ruins they had found. They all said their good-byes, and went on their way. Upon arriving at Oleg’s, the group explained of the events that had befallen them and asked that they look after Jessira. Oleg and Svetlana told of how the bandit activity had increased since they had been gone for months, and their supply lines had been getting raided. A fever set in on Alabaster, from an infected bite of a rat in the sewers and he was bedridden. Roarsh decided to stay and watch over Alabaster while Clash and Gavrosh decided to head back out into the stolen lands for a few days and do some more scouting. They encountered a bone yard and the nest of a rather large and hungry spider. They killed the spider and searched his nest to find a body of a bandit, who wore the Stag Lord pendant around his neck. They returned home after a week to find not only Alabaster back on his feet, but the Lady Jessira awake and being nursed back to health. They arranged for Kesten Garess to take her back to her parents in New Stetven, checked their gear and finally got back to take on the Stag Lord once and for all.



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